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Closed 15 Dec 2023

Opened 6 Oct 2023


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What is the North Island Severe Weather Events Inquiry?

This information is about the North Island Severe Weather Events Inquiry. These events were: Cyclone Hale; Cyclone Gabrielle; and heavy rainfall that affected parts of the North Island.

This Inquiry will look for ways to ensure New Zealand is as prepared as possible for future natural emergencies.

What is an inquiry?

An inquiry is a way to look at what went well and what could have been done better.

The Government establishes an inquiry, but the inquiry is not part of the Government. It is independent.

The inquiry is led by one person called the Chair. The Chair for this Inquiry is Sir Jerry Mateparae.


What is the Inquiry looking at?

The Inquiry is looking at what happened in the run-up to and during the weather events. It is looking at:

  • What happened to people
  • How these events affected people
  • What good things happened, and what could have been better.

This will help New Zealand’s emergency management services to learn how things could be done better.

What does the Inquiry want to know?

We want to hear and learn from as many people as possible.

The Inquiry is running a survey called Share to Prepare. Share to Prepare is your way to share the story of what happened for you.

How to take part

  • you can fill in a form online or have someone else fill it in for you
  • or if you are part of a group, you can take part in a group discussion. You could ask your group if they would like to do this.

What happens to my information?

The Inquiry will collect answers from people across the areas that were affected. Your answers will be kept safely by the Inquiry.

We will not release anything publicly without your permission.

The Inquiry will use these answers to write a report. The report will help the Inquiry to decide whether decisions made during the weather events were good or not. It will also help work out what we need to do as a country to be better prepared for next time.